Software and website design and developer
VPS Hosting Price
20 GB VPS / 1 Month
Regular Price:36.00$ Present Price: 32$ or BDT Price: 2560 Taka

Semi Managed VPS Cpanel Server. 30 GB monthly bandwidth. .5 core/USA server .

50 GB VPS / 1 Month
Regular Price:56.00$ Present Price: 48$ or BDT Price: 3840 Taka

Buy VPS with Cpanel. Semi Managed VPS. 50 GB monthly bandwidth. 1 core/USA server.

100 GB VPS / 1 Month
Regular Price:70.00$ Present Price: 62$ or BDT Price: 4960 Taka

Cpanel VPS. Managed VPS. 2000 MB RAM Speed. 2 core/USA server.

150 GB VPS / 1 Month
Regular Price:84.00$ Present Price: 72$ or BDT Price: 5760 Taka

VPS with Cpanel. Fully managed vps server. 4000 MB RAM Speed. 4 core/USA server.

Build your own ad management system
Get ad management software
Regular Rate: 800.00$
Buy Now: 580.00$
Build your online business today. We provide a system that can help you to get start your own online business. This ad management system have an unique and creative method that you can not find any other ad management system. Its can redirect visitor of any popular website from Facebook. So your client can get visitor unlimited and also they can submit there ad for your user. Paid customer can post unlimited ad and free user can post one redirect ad and unlimited interspire ad. Admin can easily accept or deny payment and control customers easily. Admin can accept / deny paid customer by only one click. Admin also can email any customer any time from the server. For more clear , you should check our demo and watch video. For more interested person please contact us for video of admin Details

Professional Blogging website New
Dynamic Blogging website Develop by HaqueMultimedia
Regular Rate: 350.00$
Buy Now: 180.00$
We develop professional blogging system to make blogging easy. Admin can post unlimited blog and also blog writer can post new blog. Post will be publish after approve by admin. Also blog writer can post premium advertising post by paying. So that admin can earn by this website from advertising post. Check demo live - .. / or Please contact us for check admin panel. Details